Founder prosecuting Blizzard online game World of Warcraft Tort Claiming 100 million yuan

August 14, 2007 Sina Net

Sina technology news- August 14 morning, Beijing University Founder Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Founder electronic") has prosecuted the United States Blizzard Entertainment Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Blizzard") for infringement lawsuits. The case has been formally accepted by Beijing Higher People's Court and the claim amounting is 100 million yuan, which has been confirmed tonight.
Founder Electronics is a subsidiary of Founder Group, is China's largest provider of Chinese character library products. Blizzard is a game developing and operating company of the United States, which is famous for the developed network game "World of Warcraft" in 2003. Since June 2005, "World of Warcraft" has been operated by the ninth city exclusive agency in the Chinese mainland for more than two years in China and made huge profits.
Electronics, a large number of the Founder Northern Wei Dynasty regular script, Founder paper-cut, Founder thin black and other totally five Founder small font characters from the Founder Electronics independent researched and developed, compiled and assembled Founder character library have been reproduced and used in the Blizzard "World of Warcraft" operated in the mainland without the permission of Founder Electronics, which infringes Founder Electronics enjoyed the Founder font library copyright under the China "Copyright Law" .
Founder font library is an important component of the Founder electronic publishing system, which is a high-tech product with independent intellectual property rights of our country and has won a number of domestic and international awards, since it is searched and developed by Professor Wang Xuan by whom the project is taken charge and put forward. Preliminary calculated by Founder Electronics, the Blizzard infringement on Founder Electronic has caused income loss more than 1 billion yuan.
In addition, Founder Electronics said that as the claim amount is so large that it would be the China's first case handled by the court in 2007 on intellectual property rights in the IT industry and also would be one of the largest amount infringement claim object case of Chinese companies claiming on intellectual property subject to foreign companies since China's accession to the WTO.
So far, Sina technology tries to contact with the ninth city general agent of "World of Warcraft" in the mainland, but failed. Many of its public relation principals’ mobile phones are switched off late at night. Founder Electronics said that the is in the initial stage at present and the communication of the Court with the Blizzard requires some time, to which Sina technology will be paying close attention.

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